Valentine's Day- STYLE EDIT


Welcome to our first blog, what’s better than starting it this Valentine’s Day! Have you decided how to style yourself this Valentine’s? Here is a bit style advice from our very own Smiling Rocks Styling Team!

Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day has become a special day to all of us. Whether we celebrate it with our partners/friends, we just want to be in that shared space of love. Plus, we want you to look extra best with our very own, Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry. As our brand is about man-made diamonds, so is this blog. Sit relaxed, get a cup of tea and enjoy the way we share our style with Smiling Rocks with sustainable diamonds.

It’s the time of Pink Look, Pink Day or Pink Month! A chance for us to style our girly self. Here are some of our tips to be in The Pink MOOD with lab grown Pink Soufflé Diamond Collection.


We love to see our lab grown pink diamond pendant hit the looks with a beautiful half shoulder pastel pink top. The pink diamond necklace complements the looks with elegance and femininity. Stacking is another way to look chic and on trend with jewelry. With lab grown emerald pink diamond ring and a beautiful man-made pink diamond band, you can easily match the look with putting them together. And, we think the flower ring on the pinky finger is just- love!!


How to look simple yet classic, its defintely the stud earrings my love! It keeps the look minimal and clean, with a lot of diamond glitz and shine. Another way to dress your fingers is choosing a two stone pink lab created diamond ring! It styles well with pinky finger, Again! Or with any of the others that you like! Its always best to feel comfortable, and rest assured with Smiling Rocks, you will always be! Classic halo diamond ring is another replacement to style with a stacking band.


You gotta sparkle in this occasion, that’s why we suggest you to look extra glamourous with our Sparkle Collection.

Last year, we all heard stacking is in trend, and its still continuing. Whether you want to style with layering your favourite necklaces or rings, you always look chic and sophisticated. Introducing our signature lab grown diamond sparkle collection! Stack your necklaces in different metal gold, just like her, with Yellow and White diamond pendant, she looks cute with her shimmy black top. And that hair, its ladies’ favourite look for Valentines!

If necklace is not your thing, don’t panic! We got you covered with rings! Stack and mix and match yellow and white gold sparkle lab g­rown diamond ring. If you wanna go simple, halo is the one for you! Sparkle lab grown halo diamond ring is your next design collection.

Hoops are A-MUST in your jewelry collection, but have you seen sparkle hoops? Our Sparkle hoops are not the ordinary hoops you have seen. They have lab grown diamonds seen from outside and inside the hoops!

We love a little dangling charm on your fingers! With our Sparkle Charm Ring, the cuteness is exploding! An add on is the Duo Sparkle Ring, giving you the right amount of balance, you need in your look!

We love a little dangling charm on your fingers! With our sparkle charm ring, the cuteness is exploding! An add on is the duo sparkle ring, giving you the right amount of balance, you need in your look!

With Smiling Rocks, you not only look good, but you have a huge part in helping us give back to our communities. With your purchase, 10% will be donated to the charity sectors you support. Give and spread love this Valentine’s Day with our beautiful and sustainable lab grown diamonds. Want to know how we do it, look at our Impact page!

If you are one of our collectors, I hope you have the items we shared in this blog for your Valentine’s Day Look. If not, its never to late to grab one!

Share with us how you style your lab grown diamond Smiling Rocks Jewelry by tagging us @smilingrocksco and we will spread your joy with everyone!