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Introducing Smiling Rocks exclusive Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Collection. Ethically made for brilliant future. Available in different diamond cuts and shank designs to create a unique sparkle that is truly yours!


From stunning solitaires to statement sparkle!
Collection brings elegant and classy lab-grown diamond engagement rings to feel good about. Ethically made for a brilliant future. Smiling Rocks lab grown diamond rings are of top quality and perfection. The engagement rings are crafted with utmost quality and craftsmanship



The Signature Mark 



Smiling Rocks offers 6 different shapes for its bridal collection with 6 classic designs. Engagement rings are now available with more options in lab grown diamonds. Perfect romantic styles designed and crafted with excellent quality.

6 Different Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

You have many choices when it comes to choosing your engagement ring. Make it truly yours! From solitaire, bloom, or a diamond-intense band. 


Let your engagement ring stand out by contrasting an exceptional center stone on a delicate or elevated shank. Pick a your center stone diamond of choice from 6 different shapes. 



Smiling Brides Collection offers 3 main lab grown diamond colors: EF ; GH ; I


Compliment your lab grown diamond engagement ring with a band to surround it with even more sparkles

Take your center-stone to a new level with a perfect bloom effect. Fancy Shape Halo with Split Shank. Freshly elevated design with Pavé-set diamonds on the split shank






The Identification Mark

Identification is important to us and is a representation of our quality mark. We have laser-inscribed Smiling Rocks logo and is only visible under a microscope. Smiling Rocks logo is inscribed on the surface on each diamond as our assurance on excellent quality


The dreamy moment with #SmilingRocksCo newest #SmilingBrides Engagement Collection. Sustainably made for a brilliant future. Find your one-of-a-kind ring worthy of your legacy of love.




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