About Us


Origin guaranteed, socially and environmentally conscious, lab-grown diamond and jewelry brand.

Our Goal

Luxury and Transparency are in the core of our business. Donating 10% of each purchase to our charity partners through Consumers’ Choice of Charity, we are aiming to co-create a caring community with our customers, and contributing to a better, sustainable world. Aiming to do things differently we provide our customers lab-grown diamond jewelry with a purpose.

Our Values

Responsible Labor and Sourcing. Our sustainable lab-grown diamond jewelry is a great reminder to have faith in a better tomorrow. Our lab-grown diamonds with their physical and chemical composition are identical to the mined but much kinder to the Earth.

Our Founders

Smiling Rocks is an embodiment of a dream and a lifetime goal of two brothers, Zulu Ghevriya and Manish Jiwani, who always wanted to do something positive to the community by what they know. Self-made businessmen and over 20 years experience in Diamond and Jewelry Industry, they understood responsibly made jewelry can be a step to a social change. To bring this idea to life, they built a company that would promote the betterment of society and spread and connect a chain of smile around the world.