Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

Absolutely. Not only are they 100% identical to mined diamonds, they are also 100% kinder to nature. Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as mined stones. The only difference lies in their origin. We cultivate our diamonds from labs with the help of technology and expert growers who value sustainability and quality. Our diamonds are placed in simulated environments that allow them to develop the same way as mined diamonds. Smiling Rocks believes in transparent manufacturing and responsible sourcing. Our in-house production makes our pricing affordable and our jewelry unique.

Carbon For Carbon

Smiling Rocks has launched Carbon For Carbon campaign and is working with charity partners to plant trees and improve the environment impact of unnecessary carbon usage.
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Smiling with Celebrities at Red Carpet

Celebrities and Top Influencers wearing sustainable lab-grown diamonds jewelry

Chain of Smile

We are building our chain and extending it to the world from our lab! As the rocks pass through the production channel to your home and the community, we make sure the product is in the best quality, gives you the best reaction and preserves and supports the community!

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry with a Purpose

At Smiling Rocks, our goal is to do more than simply provide lab-grown diamond jewelry: we want to provide socially responsible jewelry that serves a greater purpose. The core of our online diamonds store is to bring you luxury diamond jewelry through sustainable and environmentally conscious methods. We do this by creating lab-grown diamond jewelry that will last a lifetime. We also set aside ten percent from all our sales to give back to the community through Consumers’ Choice of Charity.

Discover the difference that sustainable, lab-grown diamond jewelry can make in the world while maintaining the luxury and joy of precious jewelry.

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