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Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical, optical and physical properties as mined stones. The only difference lies in their origin. We cultivate our diamonds from labs with the help of technology and expert growers who value sustainability and quality. Our diamonds are placed in simulated environments that allow them to develop the same way as mined diamonds. Smiling Rocks believes in transparent manufacturing and responsible sourcing. Our in-house production makes our pricing affordable and our jewelry unique.

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Committed on Sustainability

For our planet, our home, and our future

Haute Couture

Revealing the beauty of lab grown diamonds in high jewelry. From the house of inspired designers, each bringing a unique taste in design and excellent quality in craftsmanship. A preview of our stunning atelier designs captivating every moment in time.
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Carbon For Carbon

Smiling Rocks has launched Carbon For Carbon campaign and is working with charity partners to plant trees and improve the environment impact of unnecessary carbon usage.
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Smiling with Celebrities at Red Carpet

Celebrities and Top Influencers wearing sustainable lab-grown diamonds jewelry

Meet The Founders

The founders of Smiling Rocks have a mission to spread smiles through supporting different charity organizations.

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