Haute Couture Jewelry

Smiling Rocks brings you the latest Haute Couture line revealing the beauty of lab grown diamonds in high jewelry. From the house of inspired designers, each bringing a unique taste in design and excellent quality in craftsmanship. A preview of our stunning atelier designs captivating every moment in time.


Harness the inner beauty of femininity and elegance, Olivia designed with the inspiration of petals and leaves. Mother Nature has many ways to surprise us with its beauty and energy. Smiling Rocks House Designers inspired by nature crafted our very own Olivia Earrings.


Smiling Rocks High Jewelry brings in a new twist in bands using stunning fancy lab grown diamonds. Each band is highly complex to create with the sophistication in design and unsurpassable style. It’s a timeless elegance design.   

Introducing exquisite and modern classic tennis lab grown diamond necklace. These are ever-captivating with its sparkling beauty and feminine vibes. It’s the perfect definition of glamour and luxury. Rivera is wearable in any occasion and an iconic look for strong and powerful women.


Ordinary bands becomes extraordinary when style and fashion takes the center stage. These exquisite bands displays diamonds busting with sparkling light. Stack these bands to get the ultimate glamour and unwavering compliments.


Brought down from the sky, Angel’s Wings harness the innate beauty. House designers handpicked each diamonds and constructed using fancy cut diamonds.  Elevating and illuminating the spectacular design, this earrings will remain always relevant in the glamour world.

Cascading the beauty of each lab grown diamonds, the stunning Floral earrings is pays tribute to Mother Nature and the beauty of blooming Spring Season. This High Jewelry designs are with creative curiosity and a challenge to the imagination.


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