Top Reasons to Choose Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Over the years, lab diamonds or simulated diamonds have gained popularity and are now a common substitute for mined diamonds. 

 Generally, natural diamonds are more in demand due to their scarcity and improbable circumstances needed to produce them. However, man-made diamonds or lab-grown diamonds come with benefits that may persuade you to invest in them.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose lab-grown diamond jewelry over natural diamonds:


1. Lab Diamonds are Inexpensive 

 Unlike natural diamonds, the manufacturing process of lab-grown diamonds does not take several years, which is why they are much less expensive. They typically retail for 30 to 40% less than mined or natural diamonds, and given the quality of the stones, they make a great bargain.


2. Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds Look the Same

Many people are unaware that natural and lab-grown diamonds are tough to distinguish. Even highly trained gemologists cannot tell the difference between the two without rigorous testing as they both have the same molecular structure.  


3. Lab-Grown Diamonds are Better for the Environment 

 If you do a bit of research, you will find out that diamond mining can cause significant damage to the environment. Whereas Lab-grown diamonds are made using a small number of resources and are produced in laboratories with little to no environmental impact. 

4. Lab-Grown Diamonds Go With Everything

 No matter what look you want to achieve, lab-grown diamond jewelry goes with everything.

 Lab-grown diamonds are perfect for everyday use; they reflect your individuality and allow you to express yourself, regardless of what you do. Additionally, they are easy to clean and highly durable. You can complete your evening look for a business event with a classic pair of white studs. Or you can even add some pop of color with a souffle pink pendant or diamond earrings. So if you want the look and feel of natural diamond jewelry, but at a reasonable price and want a stylish cut, lab-grown diamonds are the right choice.


5. Lab-grown Diamonds are Conflict-free

 People are often concerned about the ways natural diamonds are mined. There is an ever-growing dilemma about the humanitarian and environmental repercussions of natural diamond mining processes. With more and more people asking the question, jewelers have to declare that their natural diamonds are ethically mined.

 Lab-grown diamonds are less controversial and are produced by skilled and qualified professionals, leaving no question about their origin. 

 While some people may not be satisfied enough to give their fiancés lab-grown diamond engagement rings, others may find them to be a cost-effective option that can be appreciated with a clear conscience. Here, at Smiling Rocks, we offer affordable and beautifully hand-crafted lab-grown diamond jewelry, customized and styled as per your requirements. Feel free to reach out to us with any queries!