The Unseen aura of Lab Grown Diamonds

Come and discover our extensive collection of beautiful and high-quality lab grown diamonds. The laboratory-grown diamonds and the ones that are grown naturally offer similar optical and chemical compositions. The Lab grown diamonds have bought a new revolution which states that it is a responsible choice as no mining is required. The lab-created diamond jewelry possesses the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as the mined diamonds.


What are lab grown Diamonds, and how are they created?


These diamonds are also termed cultured, synthetic, or engineered diamonds. They are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments by using advanced technological processes. We all know that naturally occurring diamonds are forged in the crushing pressure and immense heat via nature's geological processes. The lab-grown diamond rings are also created using extreme pressure and heat but inside a machine. These diamonds comprise actual carbon atoms that are arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds possess the same properties as they are made up of the same material.



What is the process to create lab grown diamonds?


We create diamonds from the small carbon diamond seeds of the former diamonds. Nowadays, an advanced method is used to grow a diamond known as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), a unique deposition process that mimics a natural diamond method. Some lab-created diamonds that are grown through deposition also undergo pressure and heat treatment after they are grown. It's possible to detect the minor differences in trace elements and crystal growth that will distinguish natural diamonds from lab-created diamonds using a specific instrument. The technology behind lab grown diamonds has made a lot of advancements in a few years.



Why choose lab grown diamond wedding rings over mined diamonds?


The lab grown diamond rings are gaining popularity day by day. It is not possible to tell the difference between lab-made diamonds and natural ones. The lab grown diamonds exhibit the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds. It has the same flash and sparkle that offers excellent value and is more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable quality and size. These lab grown diamond rings are beautiful and a great choice when you are considering high-end jewelry. The lab grown diamonds may exhibit different trace - chemical composition elements than raw diamonds. You must buy lab grown diamonds from a vendor with a gem certification; it is usually recommended for up to 1Ct diamonds that identifies them as laboratory-grown. These diamonds are also often called eco-friendly and sustainable. They are said so as it requires less energy and less environmental damage is caused by mining.



Why choose Smiling Rocks to buy lab grown diamonds online?


Our tagline says it all:" A reason to smile," we believe in transparent manufacturing, which is why our jewelry is unique. Our lab grown diamonds offer excellent value and are much more affordable than their natural counterparts. Our diamonds vary in color, clarity, and cut. We ensure that your diamonds are evaluated and graded by gemological labs that certify natural diamonds using strict standards. We also have a laser inscribed smiling rocks logo, which is only visible via a microscope. Our logo is inscribed on each diamond's surface that marks it as an assurance of our excellent quality. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or any special occasion in your life that is worth remembering, we have a wide range of collections for your every moment. You can expect a save of about 40% on the cost compared to the mined diamonds. These diamonds are sustainable and eco-friendly as they are made using a modest amount of energy that has minimal effect on the environment.

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