Mission on Building Digital Libraries in Rural India

Smiling Rocks X Y4D


Smiling Rocks is working with Y4D to implement digital libraries in Rural India. What is a digital library? We want students to learn about computer literacy and basic computer skills. Schools in rural India do not have the resources or funding to set up computer rooms in their schools. They are also finding difficulties to hire teachers with the abilities or qualifications to teach computer skills.


Together with Y4D, Smiling Rocks is building digital libraries in schools for children to learn basic skills to cope with our ever changing digital world. It has hired teachers as well to schools that can educate both the teachers and students.


Our first Digital Library was launched on the 30th July at New English School, Marunji, Pune in presence of Mr. Manish Jivani (Co-founder of Smiling Rocks), Mr. Haresh Ghevariya & Mr. Rakshit Jiwani (Smiling Rocks), Mr. Praful Nikam (President - Y4D Foundation), Mr. Bijesh Kumar (Vice President-Y4D) and Mr. Arun Gholap (Associate Director-Y4D).

Developing digital skills of children in rural schools, both students and teachers are learning basic computer skills that will be useful in the future. We believe together we can make this world a better place by giving back to the community.