How to style your everyday jewelry?


How to wear lab grown diamond jewelry to your everyday style?

Every day you wake up in the morning, rush out of bed to get yourself ready for work. How much time do you have to think about your outfit for the day with matching accessory? Well let me make a wide guess, 5 mins? We think you need jewelry that will get you going out of your house quickly without thinking too much if it matches your look.

Choosing the right jewelry can either make your day or make you go coco. Our Smiling Rocks style team has picked up the best and simple everyday lab grown diamond jewelry for you that will be a no-brainer to have in your collection. If you have them already, perfect! If not, get yourself some quickly. 



Simple pair of white gold studs is your bae. Our lab grown diamond 10K white gold studs is a must for you! Its goes well with any outfit for any occasion. Wear it with your trench coat on a quick winter morning rush to the office! Its fast and easy to grab out on your way out of the house.

Lab Grown Diamond 0.25ct StudsEssentials 0.25ct Solitaire Lab Grown Diamond Earrings - E-00120WHT



You should have them, if not one then more! Lab grown diamond bands are the best way for you to style your look with your simple office blouse, a nice formal dress or a stunning suit. They always look great with anything that you put on. If you are wearing a wedding ring, this is perfect to wear besides it so not to overpower your wedding band!

Smiling Rocks Lab Grown Diamonds Bands

Smiling Rocks Lab Grown Diamonds Bands

Essentials 0.25ct Half Eternity Lab Grown Diamond Band - R-00011WHT



The look you are going for is sophisticated and high-end, but keeping it still minimal, Smiling Rocks lab grown diamond solitaire ring is a good choice for you. Its has a feminine yet confident vibe that will not only enhance your look but give you an positive personality.

Lab Grown Diamond 0.30 Solitaire Ring

Essentials 0.30ct Solitaire Lab Grown Diamond Ring - R-00048WHT 



I can feel your halo! With as simple jewelry as a halo pendant, you can really feel the blessing of the day with the enhancement it gives to your look! Our lab grown diamond halo pendant is one of the perfect one-piece jewelry for your outfit. Whether you are wearing on an open shirt or with a long neck t-shirt, you will look fantastic! It’s for every day wear!

Lab Grown Diamond 0.55ct Halo Necklace
Essentials 0.55ct Halo Lab Grown Diamond Necklace - NL-00091WHT



If you have been wearing our lab grown diamond studs and want a little change in style, a pair of lab grown diamond hoops is the perfect replacement! This 1 inch hoops is a perfect size for daily wear. It looks great for outdoor activities or an indoor event. It’s a life-saver if you don’t know what accessory wear.

Lab Grown Diamond In and Out 1.7ct Hoops
Channel Inside-out Lab Grown Diamond Hoops E-00106WHT


If today is the day where you want to look empowering yet minimal, our 1.5inch lab grown diamonds in and out hoops is the answer. They look perfect for any type of situation, meetings, causal brunch, date night or just a causal day out. This also give you a luxurious vibe!

Lab Grown Diamond 1.5ct Hoops
Essentials 1.5ct Classic Inside-Out Lab Grown Diamond Hoops - E-00113WHT 



If you are a bracelet person and loves to style your wrist, our lab grown diamond tennis bracelet is your pick! You can match it well with your watch and easily style it with your look. It gives a statement piece in your collection and fits you well. This is an easy addition to your corporate wardrobe.

Lab Grown Diamonds 0.94ct Tennis Bracelet
Essentials 0.94ct Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet - BL-00419WHT


Share with us how you have styled your jewelry for every day look by tagging us @smilingrocksco! We'd love to hear from you!