How to Style Jewelry with Sweaters?

MONDAY, MARCH 02, 2020

The sweater whether is going to be with us for the next 3 months and styling our winter sweaters with jewelry can be tough at times. Here is a short guide from Smiling Rocks Style Team to suggest our lab grown diamond jewelry for your sweater look. We personally love styling jewelry with two kinds of sweaters, V-Neck and/or Turtle Neck Sweaters.



With Turtleneck sweaters, it’s best your necklace is large so that it shows over the sweater easily. Our Bubbly circle lab grown diamond necklace is perfect choice on sweaters as they look good and easily goes along with any kind of sweater styles.

Lab Grown Diamonds Bubbly Necklace- NL-00396WHT


On a V-Neck sweater, you can easily style either a simple pendant or stack with different layers. Today, we love to introduce our Silver Sparkle lab grown diamond blue pendant! Its looks perfectly beautiful with the long V-neck sweater.

Lab Grown Diamond Blush Blue Sparkle 0.25ctw Silver Pendant- P-00616BLU

Stacking Rings or Go Solo

Styling with lab grown diamond rings really depends on what makes you comfortable with your look and your winter wardrobe. We got you covered from Solo rings, Flashy rings to Stackable rings!


If you decide to wear single ring to keep a minimal look for the day, our suggestion would be our Drizzle lab grown diamond ring. It looks minimal yet a statement piece over a classic trench coat. We love our Drizzle Blackthorn lab grown diamond ring, it’s bold and sophisticated.  Our three stone bubbly lab grown diamond fashion band is another option for you to wear solo! If you have your classic halo lab grown diamond ring, that’s the best to wear with any kind of sweater.

Lab Grown Diamond Drizzle Ring- R-00335WHT
Lab Grown Diamond Drizzle Blackthorn Ring- R-00332WHT
Lab Grown Diamond Bubbly Ring-R-00206WHT
Lab Grown Diamond Essentials 0.30ct Halo Engagement Ring- R-00058WHT


Sometime with plain sweaters colors, it’s hard to look different and outstanding from the people around you. We suggest wearing a bright red turtleneck sweater with our most flashy and high end jewelry line! Smiling Rocks Bubbly Bypass Infinity lab grown diamond ring keeps the right balance between fashion and everyday wear. If you are looking to hype up your ring game, we got you covered with our most favorite Elongated Bubbly lab grown diamond ring! It fits perfectly on your ring from knuckle to knuckle. The diamonds are sparkling right at us!

Lab Grown Diamonds Bubbly Bypass Infinity Ring- R-00198WHT

Lab Grown Diamonds Bubbly Ring-R-00318WHT

Go Stacking!

We always suggest keeping the fingers busy with your personal favorite jewelry. For us, we love to stack rings with lab grown diamond bands or our lab grown diamond bubbly rings! Stacking bands of different carat weight is the most classic look to uplift your style. They look spectacular with your sweater!

Essentials 0.25ct Half Eternity Band- R-00011WHT
Essentials 2ct Half Eternity Band- R-00016WHT
Essentials 0.50ct Half Eternity Band- R-00012WHT

Bubbly Lab Grown Diamonds Band- R-00379WHT
Bubbly Lab Grown Diamonds Ring-R-00206WHT



Earrings is a MUST with your winter wardrobe! Sometimes, the best solution we find is with our choice of earrings. We love to give you option of basic essentials vs fashionable style!

Our Essentials Hoops is a given to style with any wardrobe, but it makes our style stand out even more with the layers of clothing we hide ourselves with scarves and hats. Hoops make us stand out in anyway during the cold winter.

Lab Grown Diamond Essentials 1.5ct Classic Hoops- E-00110WHT

To make your hoops chic and vogueish, we suggest our Bubbly lab grown diamond in and out hoops. They are in perfect size and length with stunning lab grown diamonds!

Bubbly Lab Grown Diamonds Earrings - E-00377WHT

Or go ahead with style yourself with an outstanding stargaze Drizzle lab grown diamond earring! Don’t they look cute and adorable!

Drizzle Lab Grown Diamond Stargaze Earrings- E-00365WHT

Share with us how you have styled your jewelry for every day look by tagging us @smilingrocksco! We'd love to hear from you!