Easy-to-wear Petite Jewelry Styles


Sometimes, we aren’t sure what to wear with our office look or casual day-out look. We hope not to overdo with our styles. Don’t worry! We have some recommendation from our petite lab grown diamond jewelry designs. Best to stay fresh with styles and keep a balance between generic and flashy look!

Petite designs are the new everyday fashion. Its compliments with your personality and attitude. They are easily stackable and wearing more will look less! Our Essentials Open Petite Ring with three stones looks beautiful as solo or as a part of stack. Our Essentials Open Ring with five stones on each side looks as stunning on her as it will on you! Or Smiling Rocks lab grown diamond flower open petite ring looks perfect and feminine.

Essentials Open Petite Ring - R-00293WHT - $425
Essentials Open Petite Ring - R-00295WHT - $625
Essentials Open Petite Ring - R-00294WHT - $699


Our Bubbly lab grown diamond jewelry collection is perfect for petite style looks. We love our bezel settings with cute bubble inspiration designs. Treat yourself with our bypass lab grown diamond bubbly ring, its sophisticated and minimal. Together you can wear our twinkling lab grown diamond bubbly band.


Bubbly Lab Grown Diamonds Ring - R-00208WHT - $375 
Bubbly Lab Grown Diamonds Ring - R-00379WHT - $399


Earrings are our favorite when it comes to styling! Smiling Rocks has beautiful and stunning lab grown petite studs for daily style. Our Essentials lab grown diamond earrings with three stone bezel setting is super duper adorable! Stack your earrings with our 4 stone lab grown diamond petite earrings!

Essentials Petite Earrings - E-00401WHT- $775 
Essentials Petite Earrings - E-00312WHT - $525


Double Layer Huggies are so in trend! Who says you can’t wear the pair in one ear! Its so chic! Our lab grown diamond huggies for your new every day trend look! Even wearing it the normal way, its easy to go out with any look of the day.

Essentials Petite Earrings - E-00414WHT - $1275

Smiling Rocks petite and cute four clover lab grown diamond necklace! It’s definitely a perfect treat for yourself! Enjoy this every day without worrying how it looks with your wardrobe, its perfect for any occasion.

Essentials Petite Necklace - NL-00309WHT - $375

Triangle petite lab grown diamond necklace for your edgy and minimal style. It’s a quick pick from your jewelry wardrobe and trust us, it will become your everyday fav!

Essentials Petite Necklace - NL-00307WHT - $425

Share with us how you have styled your jewelry for every day look by tagging us @smilingrocksco! We'd love to hear from you!