Introducing New Collection: Smiling Light


Smiling Rocks is very excited for our collection launch Smiling Light. Let your day start light with joy and happiness with the best things you love, a light run, a light yoga session, a light breakfast and your Smiling Light jewelries! This is your next everyday jewelries!



Bands game strong with yellow gold 14K Designs. Bands are never enough, you will be attracted to buy different kinds of bands to mix and match with your current jewelry collection. Smiling Rocks’ lab grown diamond bands with sparkle designs are just admirable. It’s chic, cool and unique, keeping you at the top of your game! Check out Smiling Light Rings!

Love Sparkles!

Not only do we love diamonds, we love their sparkles. They are so mesmerizing, alluring and captivating. Smiling Rocks lab grown diamonds gives you a cleaner option of the origin and the methods of using environmentally friendly way to produce diamonds. The design is stunning and eco-fashion jewelry is super hit with the coming young generation. You not only value your product but also the way they are produced.


Stack our Smiling Light lab grown diamonds rings to have the most from the collection. Studded in Sterling Silver as well as 10K Gold option, you can shop the ones that fits your budget. This collection definitely is for every one!

Two in One Necklace

You don’t have to buy two separate necklaces to stack, not with Smiling Light Double Deep necklace. Our two in one necklace comes in different charms, hearts, sparkles, bars etc. Check out Smiling Light lab grown diamond jewelry to see which style suits your taste. This design is super attractive and effortless.

My Precious Rings!

We love these two rings from Smiling Light, the Square Cluster Ring and Cluster Round Ring set in 10K Yellow Gold with rope metal work outlining the entire ring. It’s sophisticated and chic, it’s a 100% affordable luxury for anyone. The detail in these rings are absolutely remarkable.

Love your lobe stacks!

Smiling Light lab grown diamonds earrings allow you to buy more stack more! You can easily find your favorite style in this collection just under $499! Yellow gold is a hit trend these days and a fresh look to your personality. We definitely recommend you to grab some of Smiling Lights jewelry and see how they look on you!

Have you had a chance to check our Smiling Light Collection? If you have bought from us, what do you think about the designs? How do you style your look? We love to hear from you! Feel free to share with us by tagging us on our Instagram @smilingrocksco.