How to Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

Here's the thing about lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets – they are classy, elegant, and the perfect piece of complimentary jewelry for your formal dinner night - hence why they have been in trend for so long now. In fact, mothers have passed down their tennis bracelets for generations as heirlooms. If you don't have such an heirloom, we have some tips on buying a lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet.

Tennis bracelets: a history

A tennis bracelet is a piece of simple yet elegant jewelry with a line of lab-grown diamonds or colored gemstones mounted on a chain of precious metal settings like gold, silver, or platinum. Traditionally, ladies wear it on their left wrist but you can wear it on any.

Tennis bracelets were initially called eternity or line bracelets until Chris Evert, a professional tennis player, broke her George Bedewi diamond bracelet while playing a match in the US Open in 1987. The clasp of her bracelet broke during the game, and it fell off her wrist. Evert then asked the officials if they could pause the game and search for the bracelet as all the spectators and TV viewers watched on.

Chris Evert was known both on and off the tennis field as a talented player and a fashion icon. She was known as "The Ice Maiden," as her diamond eternity bracelet became part of her signature style.

After that day in the 1987 US Open, the line diamond bracelet came to be referred to as a tennis bracelet and jewelers quickly witnessed a surge in demand. Today, tennis players and non-tennis players alike continue to love and wear beautiful lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets.

How to choose the lab-grown diamond color?

A traditional tennis bracelet mostly features colorless lab-grown diamonds. When it comes to picking the color grade of lab-grown diamond for your tennis bracelet, there are some factors you must consider:

Firstly, if you pick a warm color for the bracelet's metal, such as rose gold or yellow gold, a lab-grown diamond with a warm tint would be most complimentary. If you opt for a white gold or platinum as the metal for your bracelet, a cool tone lab-grown diamond would be the most appealing.

How to choose the clarity of the lab-grown diamond?

A lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet mostly has diamonds of small size and carat weight. 

As a buyer you can choose any clarity of lab-grown diamond but the most popular choice is GH color and SI clarity. In some cases, diamonds that may appear to be flawless to the naked eye may still contain blemishes internally. Differentiating between a truly high grade lab-grown diamond and one that contains blemishes internally is nearly impossible without expert help and equipment. Thus, choosing "eye clean" lab-grown diamonds that might contain blemishes but won't be visible to the naked eye is a reliable method for selecting lab grown diamonds for a tennis bracelet.

Some tips on how to wear your lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are among the most versatile man-made diamond jewelry. You should probably avoid wearing it on the court but can pull it off anywhere else. It has a simple design that complements every outfit and jewelry.

You can wear it with a pair of washed jeans and a tank top or sport it with a black dress for a red carpet event. The choices are endless!

Concluding note

A lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet is a must-have in every woman's jewelry collection and it makes the perfect gift for all sorts of occasions. You won't be disappointed! The market is full of several options, but if you are looking for quality items with spectacular customer service, try our Smiling Rocks collection.