Smile Network International

Smiling Rocks Partners With Smile Network

Smile Network is a 501©-humanitarian organization that provides life-altering reconstructive surgeries and related healthcare services to improvised children and adults in developing nations.

Every $500 changes a life of a young one. It takes only 45 minutes to perform surgery on a child with cleft lips in developing countries. It transforms the life of a child and gives him/her more reason to smile. It supports their well-being and self-esteem while growing up in the society and community.

Recent Work


The following short video tells the story of Elena, a nineteen year-old single mother in Guatemala.  Elena was born with a cleft lip and palate.  Now as a young mother, she is raising her son Levin on her own, after her husband abandoned them.  Levin too had been born with a cleft. Click the link below to meet this amazing woman and son, and witness their incredible bond.

Twins: Florida and Victoria 

Florida Maria and Maria Victoria are identical twins.  Their mother brought them to a Smile Network mission site and told us that both of her daughters had previously had three unsuccessful surgeries.  Click this link to see the results of their life-changing surgeries.

 Angel Jesus

Angel Jesus was discovered by local police after he had been abandoned on a street corner in a village  shortly after he was born.  The police brought Angel Jesus to an orphanage run by a young couple who brought him to a Smile Network surgical site in Patzun, Guatemala.  Our surgeons performed his first surgery one year ago.  He recently returned for a second surgery on his palate and we learned that the couple that took him in is now in the process of adopting him! 

Since 2003, volunteers from the medical field have supported Smile Network and traveled together to far away countries to find children with needs of medical support. They have willingly supported their time and skills to change a kid’s life as lack of access to these surgical procedures could leave them behind in society.

Smiling Rocks has supported Smile Network with performing surgery on many kids. We will continue to do so with the support from you. Choose Medical Support when checking out from your cart and we will donate 10% of your purchase to our medical support charities. With owning Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry, we can make a difference.

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