6 Ways to Wear a Smile

Saturday, 22 AUGUST 2020

It’s getting harder to remember how to smile when we are away from our friends or families during the Covid Period, but our Smiling Rocks Lab grown diamond smile necklace is there for you. Show your smile to your family and friends, your neighbors or your adorable pet at home by wearing our Essentials Smile Necklace. Smile is just one step near you. Let me share how you can style our Smile Necklace worn by influencers.


Look chic and super feminine with our beautiful Smile Necklace while wearing a soft silk cami top white dress. We are loving how Kat Hsu (@iamtheflowerthief) has put the look together with a stunning wedding or summer occasion inspired look.

Smile from cheek to cheek! Show “off” your shoulders with a beautiful black top and our lab created Smile Necklace, just as Kristy Konicke (@kristykonice)! Our Smile necklace comes with a jumpring extension and you can adjust it to 16inch or 18inch. 

Rock our Essentials Smile Necklace on a Khaki Tank Top! Casual yet Chic, let the necklace do its work! Our eco-conscious consumers love wearing Smiling Rocks jewelry that is made of lab grown diamonds. See how Natalie Bright (@nataliebrightly) styled our necklace).  

Remembering the time where masks are off and lipsticks are on! We are missing the taste of exploring a beautiful city, eating delicious food and taking pictures on the street! A smile will remind us of the fun times. See how Zlatina Jekova (@laelegantia) styles our necklace with a stunning puffed sleeves navy blue dress in Verona, Italy. 

Leather black jacket with a casual white cami top and a eco-conscious lab grown diamond necklace, what else is there to add? We love this look by Pia Lamberg (@pialamberg) for Smiling Rocks. She looks stunning on a nice LA afternoon!

Sydney Porter (@thesydneyporter), always for sustainable living! Her smile says it all when wearing a lab grown diamond necklace! And we love how she has styled it with a gorgeous red lipstick! 

We have a wide choice of Smile Necklaces matching your style. Check it out below:

Smiling Rocks Lab Grown Diamond Smile Necklace from Bubbly Collection

Essentials Smile Necklace in Yellow Gold


Lab Grown Diamond Smile Necklace from Essentials Collection

Smile Necklace in Lab Created Diamonds

Petite Smile in Lab Grown Diamonds


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