3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Lab Diamond Bracelet

12 March, 2021

“A diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.”

A diamond is the symbol of perseverance. Diamonds are formed after millions of years of heat and extreme pressure conditions inside the earth’s surface. But nowadays, when everything we need is coming at supersonic speeds, why should diamonds be left behind? 

And thus, the lad diamonds came into existence. But lab-grown diamonds are still a product that is seen with a lens of doubt. Are these diamonds real diamonds? How is it different from real diamonds? What is the cost of these diamonds? Are these extremely costly? Why should I prefer to buy these over traditional diamonds? 

Lab-made diamonds are the real diamonds that surpass the steps consisting of millions of years of heat and pressure and make diamonds in a much shorter time. And how are these diamonds better than traditional diamonds in this article.

Your indirect contribution to saving the environment


Do you know how much we destroy our environment to mine out diamonds from earth?

Mining diamonds requires a big machinery setup and a lot of explosives. It disturbs the natural environment of flora and fauna surviving and thriving in the region. Mining is also the genesis of the pollution caused in some of the rivers. And this list does not end here; carbon emission and the release of unwanted harmful gases in the environment also contribute to the worsening of the environment’s already detrimental condition.

Here is a fact to give you a rough idea about the difference in carbon emission between lab-made diamonds and mined diamonds. It requires around 125 pounds of carbon to produce one diamond of a carat. Contrary to this huge number, lab diamond bracelets only require 6 pounds of carbon per carat. Now decide yourself, what is better? Moreover, if you have made your mind to buy a lab diamond bracelet, you should check out Smiling Rocks. They are the best lab-grown diamond producers available out there. And not just this, but they are also supporting “One tree planted on South Carolina 2021- Andrew Pickens Reforestation program,” which is a huge deal in itself. Smiling Rocks has committed to contribute 10% of their sales revenue from the purchased jewelry to create a zero-carbon footprint for their consumers. 

Money Money Money

Do you know how much it costs to mine those beautiful diamonds?

According to a report published with the name “Mining For Diamonds – History and Present” published at the 11th International Kimberlite Conference, it is estimated that approximately 142.3 million carats of diamonds were mined in recent years, costing some $15.6 billion. This amount is a big chunk (or even greater) than the GDP of some third-world countries. But by buying lab diamond bracelets, you are stopping your contribution in this extravagance.


How can someone even think to say No to lab-grown diamonds as they are around 20-40 percent less costly than the diamonds mined out from the earth?

With such a great list of features and its competitive pricing, lab diamond bracelets are becoming the new sensation of the market and soon will place themselves on a list for best gifts for anyone. And mind you, this lower price does not mean a decrease in the quality of the diamond. These lab-made diamonds are at par (or above par) in terms of the quality of a real one.

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Concluding Note:

Lab-made diamond bracelets are of the same quality as the mined ones, and you should start looking for a lab-made diamond right now. Be it a gift or buy it just for yourself, these will fit every situation. If you want to buy one soon, check the wide range of products at Smiling Rocks. For every purchase you make, Smiling Rocks Foundation will donate 10% to your choice of the following charity categories. 

If you have purchased from Smiling Rocks before, you can find out what we are doing with your support on our impact page or through our social media account @smilingrocksco.

Smiling Rocks is very proud to be one of the companies we strongly believe in making the journey and our products a reason to smile. With your purchase, we can do much better together, because together we can make an impact!