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Our exclusive collection of Lab Created Diamond wedding rings

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Looking for a wedding ring? Well, let me tell you that selecting a wedding ring is not as much easy as it looks. It will be your purchase of a lifetime, and a lot of memories will come associated with it. Your wedding ring must be something that you won't get tired of. We at Smiling Rocks are here to assist you in choosing the ring of your lifetime. Come and discover our extensive collection of beautiful and high-quality lab-created bridal diamond rings. We have a variety of options in engagement rings too. Who might know that it could even become a legacy that you will pass on to your coming generations?


Things to remember while choosing your Ring


To choose a ring, you need a wide variety of options, and we rejoice in providing you with that. Our lab diamond wedding rings like the bridal Emerald halo ring offer excellent value and are affordable than natural diamonds of comparable quality and size. There are many styles available in the market to choose from. You can easily get a bridal ring suited to your taste. When it comes to style, it is up to you that you want to wear similar rings or the ones that will express the wearer's personality. We assist you in choosing from our wide range for your special day.


We all know that diamonds are unbeatable and undeniably favorites when it comes to bridal and engagement rings. They are precious, aren’t they? But they come with a huge price. The perfect replacement for them is the lab-grown diamonds which exhibit the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds. Undoubtedly, the diamonds grown in the labs look beautiful as they offer the same flash and sparkle that you see in the mined diamonds. Apart from the style you go for, a bridal ring must be comfortable on your finger because you will wear it for your lifetime.


Is a lab diamond ring an appropriate replacement for natural diamonds?


Rings are among the most important pieces of jewelry that you own. Let it be an engagement ring or a wedding ring. You want to make sure that your money is well spent as it will bring you great value. We are experts when it comes to designing a ring. Our bridal rings are magnificent and are a great choice when you are considering high-end jewelry. Some people doubt that if they purchase lab-created bridal diamond rings, they are more likely to break. However, it is just a misconception as diamonds are machine-made under the same conditions as the mined ones. We all know that styles do change over time, but your diamonds will stay as precious as when you first purchased them. Our bridal Solitaire ring looks utmost beautiful when you stack it up with a bridal band for extra sparkles. Diamonds tend to look larger and better in white and you can consider a white gold ring with a diamond setting.


How to choose your Favourites diamonds

 When going for lab-created diamond wedding rings, you must choose what will suit you the best. If you are someone with long fingers, then free-flowing designs will look great on you. Straight bands look best on people with shorter fingers. If you have dark and olive skin, the white gold will look just fab on you. White gold looks great on fairer skin too. Our lists of options go way beyond what you can imagine. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or any special occasion in your life that is worth remembering, we have a wide range of collections for your every moment. You can expect a save of about 30% on the cost compared to the mined diamonds. We also have a laser inscribed Smiling Rocks logo, which is only visible via a microscope. Our logo is inscribed on each diamond's surface that marks it as an assurance of our excellent quality.