Lab Grown Diamond, 1.47 Carat Round, Ideal Cut, L, VS1

IGI certified lab-grown diamond with Smiling Rocks logo mark. Learn More.

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  • Product details

    • Stock Number: SR0193
    • Carat Weight: 1.47
    • Cut: Ideal
    • Color: L, FAINT PINK-BROWN
    • Clarity: VS1
    • Shape: Round
    • Depth: 60.8%
    • Table Size: 57%
    • Polish: Excellent
    • Symmetry: Excellent
    • Girdle: Medium To Slightly Thick (Faceted)
    • Culet: Pointed
    • Fluorescence: None
    • Measurements: 7.28 -7.33 x 4.44 mm
  • Diamond Certification

    This diamond has an IGI Certification (Cert No: 361904815). Refer to the image above for more details.

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