#SmilingRocksDiamondHeart Campaign

Let’s Get Creative by #stayhome

Make the most from your #stayhome time with family and be a part of making our Earth Better than before. Share your creative creation of a beautiful heart and a sparkling diamond to spread the positivity message with us!

At uncertain times like this, we can do is stay positive and share our love and strength with each other. We are not sure if you might have noticed that Mother Earth is becoming better than before. We can take this as sign for recovery and a bright future.


How To Join? Its simple!

Draw a heart (on a paper or digitally) with a diamond in it.
 Share your heart creation on your IG account story
Tag @smilingrocksco
Use #SmilingRocksDiamondHeart

A heartfelt message from our Co-Founder and CEO, the reason this campaign was first introduce from his experience in quarantine time with family!

Let's share some love together and help our planet. There’s a disconnect when we don’t see nature as our family!

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